Oh my gosh, Jeff, seriously Cold is the greatest art video I have seen. I love the dialog and most especially for students to watch you experimenting as you paint. I had a break through with that same student who went to France. It is so helpful to have the cards in the pack also. I'm always telling my students about great artist not being afraid to share their pallette.  It was perfect when I opened it and the card was there. Can't say enough what a gem you have produced.

Mary Reeder, Springville, Utah

Jeff Hein’s DVD ‘Cold’ is one of the best in my large collection of art DVD’s. First, the portrait that is completed is outstanding. Secondly, doing voice over with anumber of his students of varying degrees of abilities asking questions while watching what Jeff was doing was very insightful. No matter what your level you
should get something out of this DVD. I highly recommend it. 
Suzi Zefting-Kuhn,  Rochester, NY

 I am happy to say that I really liked the video . Infact I have watched that a couple of times. Especially the interaction session was very  helpful. The way you answered to the questions . I could learn a lot from that. This kind of videos are very helpful for those who doesn’t have any academic background. 
Like in my case I also don’t have much academic background. But it helped me  a lot.  I am looking forward to the new videos from you in the  future . I 
would like to buy them because you are very talented and know how to use the techniques.
Hussain Ahmed Saleh, Bahrain (Manama)

I personally think that COLD was the best instructional DVD I've seen. In a workshop you can develop in an individual direction at a point at which you need to address, however I think most of these crossroads are covered in the Q&A session. The one thing that makes the DVD stand out is the CHAOS element, the "no fear" of making mistakes, in fact, the making of mistakes is the most beneficial piece in my mind.  Brilliant concept, I'll definitely buy any further DVD's.
Paul Knight, United Kingdom

So far I have watched the video "Cold" about half a dozen times, each viewing reveals more information. You have to be prepared to go on a very steep ride because this video is not for the un-serious. Jeff has developed a very personal method of paint handling and brush work that goes beyond the norm and teaches the viewer anything goes, as long as it works. For example, Jeff taps at his piles of paint, often using a fan brush to gently slap the canvas with brilliant color patches. He will sometimes pull the tips of his fan brush swiftly through edges, creating a lively playful effect and reveals his fearless and, yes, courageous willingness to push colors to extremes few are brave enough to try. He talks about his methods which are largely intuitive but also grounded in solid technical understanding of the essentials of good craftmanship. If you are unafraid to go on that crazy new roller coaster ride, this is the video to buy. I loved it.

Marlene Meek, Bakersfield, CA

I really did enjoy your video and feel that I learned a lot from it. I justified the cost by estimating that it would cost me more that $1000 to attend one of your workshops ( I live in Canada) but I could watch the DVDs many times over at a fraction of the cost (and I have ). I continue to refer to various sections for help 
in my own portrait work . I found the explanations of  comparative shape drawing and broken color use particularly helpful. Your discussions of your work ethic 
and philosophy clarified ways that a professional artist works.  I would find DVDs about drawing and painting the clothed figure and multi figure composition 
helpful as well. I've got a long way to go but I feel I am making progress.
Marilyn Clark, Ontario Canada

I LOVED watching your DVD on "COLD"  I learned a lots about applying color to my paintings.  I really enjoyed how you narrated the video after filming. Very informative and was comfortable sitting at one time to watch all of it.  Thanks for making "COLD" and I look forward to the other DVDs you produce. Thanks again for sharing your talent.
Trena Ward, Springdale, Arkansas

I watched the "Cold" video in two sections.  What I learned is amazing.  I can only hope to attain a fraction of your ability.  I will watch it again and probably, many times.  It was very helpful and challenging. Thank you forever,
Martha Bell, Montgomery, Alabama

This Dvd was very helpfull to me. I've learned a lot. It's like i have been study several years in six hours; so much information, skills and hard work.
Antonia Ionescu, Romania 

Amazing dvd!  My drawing approach completely loosened up, and I'm now trusting my own judgment without over measuring.  It has been nice to watch just for the paint application as well.  building up layers how, I think, a painting should look like.  Thanks again man!  the quick glazing tips really opened my eye to it. never understood the concept of glazing.  watched the video 3 to 4 times now  in sections.  once all the way through.  Cant wait for your figurative demo!
Emilio Villalba, San Francisco, CA

I just love the DVD “COLD” and I want to thank you for giving us, painters from all over the world, the opportunity to watch the whole process of the creation of “COLD”.  On You Tube there are  lots of video’s showing the process of portrait painters but never in real time and never so well substantiated as you do in  your 6-hour DVD! I’ts certainly an unique and great tool for portrait painters of all levels. I already watched it about 5 times and I surely will watch it many more times because there is still a lot to learn from it.  Although I think all the answers to the possible questions from your students were given in the DVD “COLD”, I surely buy a new DVD if you make a second one. No doubt that with any new painting new questions will appear and that a new DVD, just as “COLD”, will be well worth the money.

Helene Gandolfi, The Netherlands

"COLD" is master work, Jeff informs the viewer throughout the painting with thorough explanations about his unique approach to drawing and painting.   Watch this video time and again for his expert help when you feel stuck, need inspiration, or need courage to experiment more.  See amazing work from his students and hear about some of the exercises they do to enhance their knowledge of painting principals like temperature relationships and simultaneous contrast while holding the values in their work.  You will see hours of Jeff painting up close and hear him speak of how he orders chaos as he paints from life.  I attended one of Jeff's workshops and can attest to the passion and love he puts into his art, both creating and teaching.  His willingness to teach and understand the issues we are all having at various stages is his gift to us.  Congratulations on "COLD", Jeff

Patricia Wright, Huntsville, Alabama

Jeff Hein is a living master working today. His DVD “Cold” is superb! His knowledge of color, draftsmanship, and process is comprehensive.The DVD is concise, with an visually stunning description of technique. Every luscious brushstroke is recorded for the viewer.  The viewer is given accurate detailed information, while engaging the viewer in the painting process.  Jeff is generous with his knowledge, and passionate in his process. I highly recommend this DVD for every artist’s library.

Sandy Freckleton Gagon, Salt Lake City, Utah

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